A bike messengers cooperative

Molenbike is a bike messengers cooperative. We focus on transporting of local and eco-friendly products

Bike logistics

Molenbike develops low-carbon quality bike logistics and fosters short supply chains in Brussels.

Fresh & organic products delivery

Molenbike has a daily delivery scheme for fresh organic products, our packs are specifically designed for bike transport from local organic professionals to their partners in Brussels area

Local, fair and circular

Molenbike is committed to make Brussels greener by promoting a safe and renewed mobility.
We are optimizing the distribution chain for a fast, efficlient urban last-mile delivery. And we collect aslo food waste and leftovers for their reintroduction in the supply chain

Business co-op for social economy

Molenbike cares for its bikers-cooperators who are invited to take part into the development of the company. On a fair trade principle, we offer sustainable jobs

The Team


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Manager on pedals


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Courrier Executive Officer


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Cargo Mechanic


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Rolling Resource Management


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Fair Logistics Executive

In need of a fast, fair and eco-friendly solution ?

Molenbike delivers in Brussels Area. These are our services tailored for your needs.
Our prices include the collection of leftovers and deposits

We can make a tender from 38€/h without VAT

Express deliveries (max 10kg & 3 km) for 19€ the same day, 38 € within 2 hours.

Weekends, holidays & exceptional timetables are increased by 30%.

Waiting times (>10 minutes) cost 6€HTVA.

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Molenbike is a social cooperative

We are working according to an ethical charter, faithful to values of circularity, soft mobility and fair trade.
Therefore, our statuses are public in order to guarantee a sound governance.
The activity is managed for and by its members.

We are riding also for cooperation, circularity, fair jobs, qualitative services, transparency, soft mobility, sustainable development.

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Molenbike was founded on May 11th, 2017.

Download our statuses

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